Golf for seniors: Clinics and group

Above: Need work on your putting? Or looking for someone to put with? Either way, contact the Senior Center (Photo posted to flickr by TourProGolfClubs)

If you’re looking to lower your golf score, take a lesson this summer through the Southborough Senior Center.

Or if you’re happy with your game but looking for some companionship on the course, you can join one of the center’s golf group.

The center has active groups for male and female golfers. Seniors are encouraged to call for more information or to join.

But if you’re self conscious about your game and would like to work on it first, three clinics are being offered this July:

  • 20150626_senior_golf_clinicsShort game: Chip — Pitch — Lob Shots
  • Putting: Stroke Mechanics
  • Bunker play: Basic Bunker Shots

The clinics are offered to seniors for $20 each at Southborough Golf Practice & Learning Center. Players need to bring their own clubs. Click thumbnail for details.

The Senior Center is closed for maintenance work until July 13th. But you can leave a message at 508-229-4453 to register for the clinic or ask about the groups.

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