Guarding our homes this summer

Above: If leaving your home empty for a prolonged time, consider asking the police department to have a patrol car swing by periodically. (Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

The Town recently tweeted a reminder – If you’re headed away on vacation, you can ask the Southborough Police Department for a periodic check of your home. Here’s a link to the form.

There is often a spike of burglaries over summer months in town. In May, the SPD updated its website with information on their Community Policing philosophy:

The Southborough Police Department is committed to the tenets of Community Policing and ascribes to Sir Robert Peel’s belief that, “The police are the community and the community are the police.” To that end, the Department has developed many initiatives designed to mitigate crime and improve the quality of life for the residents of Southborough.

As part of the philosophy, they ask the community to help protect our town by communicating with police:

Community policing also involves the residents of the Town, letting us know what problems may exist in your neighborhood. From house breaks to traffic concerns, different neighborhoods may have different issues. We encourage our residents to contact the police department to let us know what they are. “If you see something, say something.”

Last summer, Chief Kennet Paulhus issued a warning and tips that included:

20140715_police_preventing_burglary_guidePlease report any suspicious persons, vehicles, or activity to the Police Department at (508) 485-2121.

Anyone leaving their residence unoccupied for a period of time should have a neighbor alert for activity on the property, and submit a request for periodic checks by the Police. Make sure all points of entry are securely locked. . .

Further information can be obtained in the Burglary Prevention Guide posted on the Department website.

Click here for the Burglary Prevention Guide from the SPD website

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