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It’s time for another open thread. What’s on your mind this week, Southborough?

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8 years ago

I’ve noticed they’ve been doing some pretty extensive land surveying on Rt 85 between Richards Road and Rockpoint Road last week. Does anyone know what’s going on?

8 years ago

So along the lines of the DPW question, It looks like many roads including Rt 85 on the south of town have been all marked with orange paint in areas where the pavement has deteriorated badly. Some of it has been repaired, but many spots all over have not. I always have a suspicious eye when it comes to our state highway departments and their contracted workers (not our DPW they and we do a fantastic job). Can anyone say when those marked spots will be done? are the state contractors trying to dodge and skip spots they were intended to repair Maybe a question of Karen?

8 years ago

Lastly, one more question, and again I want to preface this with our DPW does a real good job, I know we earmark $500,000 (line item in the DPW budget each year) for pavement each year and it should be there, and it should be in every town budget (despicable roads we have to travel in surrounding towns of Marlboro and Westboro) because of out excise tax. A. How much excise tax does the town bring in? B. And how much goes to the roads. C. Where does the rest go? I think 100% should don’t you?

8 years ago

Since we are on the topic of road construction…How long does a roadwork typically last? We live off Ledge Hill Rd. The pavement construction started yesterday. Are they going to be there for a few weeks or a few months? Just curious. Thanks for your insights.

8 years ago

Speaking of streets and roads, thank you for the nice stretch of Rt. 30 going towards Westboro. Lovely to have it smooth and in good condition now. No longer will I drive slalom style around the potholes.

Other streets have been renewed and are equally beautiful and pleasant to drive on. Not only are they smooth like charcoal-colored suede, some edges have been seeded and finished by the men who did the roads. Thank you so much!

Mike Fuce
8 years ago

Thank you for that answer. And that’s just plain wrong. If we have an excise tax for car as it should go to the roads and infrastructure and DPW. If we have an excess of the excise tax it should be cut or go back to the people. That is called a line item veto. There are far too many taxes in the town in the state And from the federal level. Fully 52% of all legal immigrants rely on government support and the other at leadt that of illegals are in our schools and we’re paying for it. Sorry to digress but let’s get right folks.

8 years ago
Reply to  Mike Fuce

Where do you get these “fabulous” statistics? Fox News??

Care to share? How many “illegals” do you know are currently in our schools and who did the count? You?

Hate disguised as opinion is just that: Hate

Look deep on what motivated you to post / troll on such an unrelated topic from the discussion at hand and you may find the seed from which your garden of discontent grows.

Tessa Stephens
8 years ago
Reply to  Rami

Thank you Rami. Well said.

8 years ago

Here’s a question about pet licenses: We used to have two dogs, but now only have one (one passed away last year). Every year, I’ve renewed the pet license(s) accordingly: Of course, this year, I only got a single license for the dog that was alive. I am not aware of a mechanism by which we are to notify the town that a pet has deceased.
If this seems obtuse, this will explain it: Yesterday, we received a notice of infraction from the SPD stating that our dog (the dead one) had not been licensed, and now we needed to pay the fee + a fine. What strikes me about this form is that there are only two options: [1] you accept fault and pay the fee and fine, or [2] you appeal through a hearing. There is no simple mechanism by which to tell them that they made a mistake.
There are many reasons to resent this, not least of which is the one that I’m accused of a crime that I did not commit, and for which there is no probable cause other than absence of paperwork (i.e., an animal control officer has not come to my house, saw my dead dog, and asked if it was licensed).

Does anyone have experience with this, as well as the mechanism by which I can rectify this issue simply (i.e., not attend a hearing)? I have called the animal control officer, but (surprise?) have not heard back.

8 years ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

That’s a good point. I did correct that entry in the town census. But I suspect that the two databases are not tied together. And moreover, since the town census is not specific (dogs are not named as when you register them), I don’t know if it would be possible to draw conclusions from there.

Ultimately, problem was solved separately though the original phone call (I need to learn patience).

8 years ago
Reply to  Theo

This happened to me when I temporarily moved out of town for 2 years. A simple phone call to the town, telling them that we have moved but we’ll be back in town in 2 years and I’ll license my dogs at that time. They said thanks and that was that. I don’t think another layer needs to be introduced to the process.

8 years ago
Reply to  Minimom

Thank you!
That’s exactly what happened. Shame on me for being impatient, but I did finally receive a phone call from the animal control officer, and they took care of everything.

It’s that easy.

mike fuce
8 years ago

This will be my last comment in reference to Rami but I absolutely would not want anyone to think I am a racist . And this is an “open thread”, I actually like Bernie Sanders, would not vote for him but I like some of his ides, I listen to him (and that is the solution to listen to each other) I like his idea to take down the banks and wall street but please continue to the (nothing about Federal in the Federal Reserve) Federal Reserve, I am an avowed conservative – I don’t always agree with Fox’s Bill O’rielly (I like his friend Bill Mahr at times) and many times I do with Juan Williams, actually Megan Kelly – yes a female, is absolutely my favorite. So is Margret Thatcher and I hope Carly Fiorrina is the next president, and I did not like the gal from Alaska! Actually there is no malice in my heart for anyone. Skin pigmentation is irrelevant. I have blacks staying in my home all the time, and they will tell you I love them. 30 of my top hero’s are black, they are thinkers, sportsman/women writers, judges, and actors. My very dearest friend is a Peruvian Mexican (yes I provide him work whenever I can) who may actually be illegal, I dont know. I would not turn him in, I would recommend building the Southern Wall and providing a path to citizenship, it is the only real solution, but lets stop immigration of all the folks who have nothing to ADD to America (lets save the persecuted christian and leave the muslims where they are – most hate us with true hate) and immediately go on public assistance and weigh down our schools (across the country not just Lilly white Southborough). Lastly, and probably this will put Rami right over the edge, but you who are right or left, conservative or liberal, go to just today and look at what Obama and his minions and illegal immigration around the world is doing. Then you make your decision, make an informed decision, don’t listen to “wacko mike”, I dont want you to, but make an informed, educated, caring, loving, but adult decision on whether what liberals (and republicans) and the left are doing is good for you and your country (legal immigration in the right form, not now, but up until Teddy Kennedy passed the first 1965 illegal immigration bill – Reagan did it too). And by the way Rami, 70% of my church is BROWN, and I love every one of them – and they love me. And Rami, on top of the 50-60% of our income we pay in overall taxes, I then TITHE, before taxes and it goes to help many others around the world. Just ask yourself, does any of this really sound like hate or racism? Glad to talk with you off line, my number is in the book, Thank you.

8 years ago

Hello Michael Fuce,

I know you said you wouldn’t respond, nevertheless I wanted to poke you a little more & maybe you can somehow (though I doubt) self-examine how or why you say certain things. Much as you have gone to great lengths to describe and explain your political leanings you have failed to answer the initial question I posed – which were A: Where did you get the statistics you posed by saying 52% of Legal immigrants rely on govt support ? B: How many illegals do you know or have counted in our schools – remember too your post was totally unrelated to the post at hand.

Much as I am not a psychologist, this tells me A: This issue eats at your soul and just like water, if there is a hole, surely it will find a way to leak through B: If you cannot validate the aforementioned statistics, it means you cherry pick your data as a way to validate your feelings, choose channels or media (like conservative media) that most agrees with your biases, or even make up stuff much like Faux news with opinions disguised as fact or news to make yourself “validated” much the same way as you say “I have blacks staying in my home all the time, and they will tell you I love them” by having blacks stay at your home, your logic is that, that in itself insulates you from any perceived insensitivity and/or prejudicial leanings. I mean who in this day says “I have blacks! …” if that didn’t ring any insensitive bells then oh well – you will never get it. Having a token black, Hispanic or even in your case Peruvian you talk to or interact with does not give you a “no racist” get out of jail card. You just as well could be mistaking friendliness for friendship.

Then you go on to make blanket statements like “… but lets stop immigration of all the folks who have nothing to ADD to America (lets save the persecuted christian and leave the muslims where they are – most hate us with true hate) and immediately go on public assistance and weigh down our schools (across the country not just Lilly white Southborough).”

Really – where do I start – Your argument from this lil gem is that Muslims have NOTHING to add to America – and by leaving them out and bringing in persecuted Christians then all is well. That the moslems who come here – hate us and live of public assistance. Tell me really that is NOT prejudice or Xenophobic?? How do you determine other than using religion as a yardstick who will ADD to America? Which moslems do you want to bar being as they are very diverse, coming from all corners of the world and could be indian, Europeans, African, Asian even Latino – do you know how many businesses’ have been founded and led by these “hating” moslems right here in the USA and how many have turned in fellow extremist family members. Last time I checked Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, Dylann Storm were all “Christian”, The Army of God, The KKK and Aryan nations “Christian” too, LRA in Uganda or the Anti-Balaka in Central African Republic “Christian” too – should we let in these “persecuted” Christians?

Contributing your money by Tithe does not mean you cannot harbor prejudicial thoughts, just because you tip the Hotel maid, give work to the illegal landscaper that does work for you doesn’t either – whether you are fulfilling your Christian obligation to tithe or paying or appreciating service don’t mean you are cant be biased, As much as you claim 30 of your hero’s being black (would like to see that count by the way) does not mean you’re are not self-validating your underground xenophobia feelings.

Humans, regardless of Nationality, Race, Color or Religion cannot all be neatly packed into Good or Bad, each group has a fair share of good & bad, no one race, color or religion has a monopoly on evil – to use the works of MLK – “ I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”

PS: I like data and hard raw facts – take a look at this chart, really take a look and tell me the first thought that hits your brain after digesting the public assistance / welfare statistics.

8 years ago

OMG…. you crushed him again! That was awesome. haha Too bad Beth won’t post my funny reply, but still allows him to spread hate. Unfortunately he will never get the picture. The world we live in is no longer the one he was born and raised in. Much respect Rami.

Frank Crowell
8 years ago

Hate that manifests itself terrorism would be………?

How many multiple deported illegal emigrants who commit multiple felonies before we call a system a failure?

If I watch “Faux News” am I a bigot with bad information?

If I did not vote for Obama, am I not allowed African American friends?

If I have not voted for a liberal democrat in my life, can I state my opinion?

If I despise teacher’s unions, do I hate teachers?

If I am disgusted by children aborted in the womb whose body parts are sold for profit, am I religious nut case?

If I know in my gut by all I see and hear that the country I love is going in a very wrong direction…………… statistic is needed………….the proof is all around me.

Mike Fuce
8 years ago

Frank, many of us are in the same boat as you. Hate id not my heart either. I think there’s a lot of the answers somewhere in between but the left honestly is way too far gone in this country. I pray to God that even those who support abortion this election cycle see beyond their little silos and protect and vote for the well-being of the country and longevity that we all want for America. Please everybody think beyond yourselves in the bigger picture this time.

8 years ago

Wow…we went from “Can anyone say when those marked spots will be done?” right into tax rates, legal and illegal immigration, the right God to follow, prejudice accusations, teachers unions, and abortion. Talk about “Open discussion”. Nothing like the primary season to bring the country together.

I can’t wait for 2017…starting to think that maybe our election cycle is just a little bit too long.

Downtown Resident
8 years ago

Excuse me, I am as greatly offended by the term “Lily White” as I was by the chalked graffiti on St.Ann’s driveway. Could the gentlemen please remember that this is a world wide blog and that the whole town of Southborough is represent here. Certainly, you are entitled to your opinion, so perhaps you should consider starting your own blog, where the town’s name is not attached to it.

8 years ago

To change the subject. what is going on in the field next to St. mark’s on School Street?

John Kendall
8 years ago

This morning I noticed some equipment working on the Cordaville Triangle, so I took a walk down to have a look. It’s hard to believe, but they are tearing up the walkways. If I remember correctly, the walks were originally paved with some sort of polymer and stone chips, It was supposed to last a very long time. Those of us who live in the neighborhood
have noticed that they deteriorated fairly rapidly. Perhaps they should be replaced with plain old stone. Lasts a long time and is cheaper to replace when necessary.

8 years ago

Has anyone published the 2015-2016 Trottier school bus schedule for the upcoming school year? I cannot find it on the Trottier web site and don’t recall if it mailed to our home address or just published on-line.

Thank you,


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