Q&A with our state and federal government representatives – August 26

Above: Representative Carolyn Dykema and Senator Jamie Elderidge will be part of a forum to answer Southborough constituents’ questions. (Contributed photo from Heritage Day last fall)

The Southborough Library is hosting an “open forum” later this month. It’s an opportunity to speak with politicians who represent our town in the state and federal government.

Our state legislators will attend along with a constituent representative for our U.S. Congresswoman. It’s a chance to hear what they’re working on and ask questions.

Aug 26th Open Forum with Elected Officals flyerOpen Forum with Elected Officials
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Join us for an open forum with State Senator Jamie Eldridge, State Representative Carolyn Dykema, and Wade Blackman, Constituent Services Representative for Congresswoman Katherine Clark.

This is a unique opportunity to meet one on one and talk with your representatives. They’ll discuss the legislation they’re working on and there will be time for audience questions. 

State Senator Jamie Eldridge has served as State Senator for the Middlesex and Worcester district since January 2009. Previously, Jamie served as State Representative for the 37th Middlesex district, after being elected as the only Clean Elections candidate to public office in the state.

Jamie has focused on public education, the economy, campaign and ethics reform, protecting the environment, improving public safety, expanding access to health care, and improving public transportation, like the Fitchburg and Worcester commuter rails.

He is the Chair of the Joint Committee on Financial Services, Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight and the Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change.

Representative Carolyn Dykema was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2008, She represents the towns of Southborough, Holliston, Hopkinton, and precinct 2 of Westborough. Prior to entering the legislature, Representative Dykema worked professionally in the fields of financial services and environmental consulting.

Carolyn is a member of the following House Joint Committee’s: Ways and Means; Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture; Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities; and Housing.

Rep. Dykema has worked on issues related to small business and economic development, veterans, healthcare, clean water and infrastructure, the environment, public safety and local agriculture.

Wade Blackman works in the MetroWest Framingham Office of Congresswoman Katherine Clark. Clark was elected in 2013 to represent the Fifth District of Massachusetts, covering 24 cities and towns, from Winthrop to Southborough.

In Congress, Katherine Clark brings her experience as a Massachusetts state senator, state representative, general counsel for the Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services, and policy chief for the state attorney general.

She has advocated for ending wage discrimination, protecting women’s health care, access to affordable, high-quality childcare, paid family leave, safer schools, and other reforms to address the challenges that families face. Recently, Clark has introduced legislation to improve the quality of child care, combat online threats and harassment, help newborns that are exposed to drugs in utero and prevent opiate abuse during pregnancy.

Questions about the event? Contact event organizer, Dan Frank, at d.frank@mindspring.com.

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Kelly Roney
7 years ago

Please come if you can.

Frank Crowell
7 years ago

Sorry I will not be around for this scintillating event – maybe someone who goes can ask some good questions……………..to make it a least a little interesting.

What legislation does/will Ms. Clark support to curtail Planned Parenthood harvesting organs from the aborted fetuses for profit?

Will any of them support a tax cut that puts real dollars into middle class families hands? Not hand outs, not a subsidy and not a tax form right off – a real cut. Or maybe a better question would be, have any of them run across a tax hike they did not like?

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