Kidsborough says Sayonara to Southborough at summer’s end

Above: Kidsborough was purportedly unable to renew its lease for the site of the former downtown post office.* (Photo by Beth Melo)

A heads up for working parents. If you were planning to take advantage of Kidsborough’s Southborough after school program this year, you better make other plans.

The Southborough facility of Kidsborough is closing soon.

The facility is still running a program this summer. But the posted schedule shows that finishing next week, August 24-28, with the theme “Sayonara to Summer”.

Southborough is no longer listed on their  website as one of the after school programs this school year. (And while Google still shows the Southborough link, that just leads to a 404 error.)

*Note: I heard second hand about the closing. Purportedly the landlord chose not to renew the lease and  is choosing to do something different with the property.

However, at the time of running this post, I still hadn’t gotten an official response from Kidsborough. (Though I was able to confirm they are closing.) And I was unable to track down a contact for the property’s holding company.

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