Commuter news: Train delays and roadwork details on Rte 30 Causeway (and other projects)

Above: Don’t forget to avoid the Boston Road/Route 30 Causeway Thursday and Friday of next week. The reservoir crossing will be closed for reclaiming.  (Image straightened and cropped from photo posted to flickr by Global Panorama)

Yesterday, I posted the Department of Public Works’ notice of roadwork plans this month. Since then, I received a letter with more details on those projects.

As the extensive work on the Route 30 Causeway effects commuters, I’m sharing the letter.

But first, here’s some news from Southborough Wicked Local on the heatwave’s effect on our commuter rail line.

Heat forces delays on Framingham/Worcester commuter rail line

High temperatures are slowing passenger trains on the Framingham/Worcester line.

Keolis, the company that operates commuter rail service for the MBTA, announced Monday that speed restrictions are in effect. Trains will be forced to slow down to 30 miles per hour on some portions of the line, extending travel time by as much as 30 minutes.

With hot weather in the forecast, the delays could continue for the remainder of the week.

Engineers usually restrict speeds on the Framingham/Worcester line when air temperatures reach 85 degrees, or when the region experiences a string of hot days, according to information posted online by the MBTA. The restrictions are a safety precaution intended to prevent the rail lines from buckling under extreme heat. (read more)

Causeway (plus Cherry and Pleasant Street) reclaim and paving; Central Street and Boston Road milling and paving 

The website specifies that the Route 30 Causeway (the stretch of Boston Road that crosses the reservoir) will be closed Thursday, August 27 – Friday, August 28.

The DPW’s letter to area homeowners details the projects and longer term impacts. Here is a highlight:

Cherry, Pleasant and the Causeway will be a gravel surface for a period of time. We request that people keep their speeds low when the roadway is a gravel surface, this will keep the road base in good condition for paving. During the paving phase of construction, we advise residents to keep their children and pets from the roadway until the asphalt has cooled.

Click here to view the letter.

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8 years ago

Just a clarification on the causeway closing in case others weren’t aware, that I heard: the closing is Thursday _thru_ Friday – meaning overnight Thursday as well – not just during DPW working hours. I imagine the alternate routes are going to be a mess far beyond rush hour(s).

If this is wrong, someone jump in and correct me, please :-)

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