Kid reporter at it again: Athlete, cheerleaders and an interview that Trumps the rest

Above: Photos from Shayna Rose’s latest round of published interviews

Southborough’s cub reporter Shayna Rose has been at it again. She has three more interviews under her belt worth sharing. One clearly Trumps the rest.

Rose attended one of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s press conferences in New Hampshire. With help from her family, she snagged his attention long enough to answer two of her questions.

Earlier this summer, Rose also interviewed an up and coming local tennis player (Page Freeman) and two members of the Patriots cheerleading squad.

Click images below to open the pdf files.

shayna_newsletter_trump shayna_newsletter_page_freeman shayna_newsletter_patriots_cheerleaders

Congrats to Shayna again on her new scoops. She’ll certainly have a lot to report to her third grade class about what she did this summer.

Updated (8/22/15 9:06 am): Fixed links.

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