Youth & Family Services head to retire after 30 years

Today is the 30th anniversary for Southborough Youth and Family Services’ Laurie Sugarman-Whittier. But, she won’t be marking a 31st.

The SYFS Director has submitted her notice of retirement.

In a letter last week to the Southborough Youth Commission, Sugarman-Whittier gave four months notice. In it, she expressed mixed emotions about her decision to leave the position:

When I was hired in 1985, I could never have imagined that I would still be here thirty years later, yet here I am! I have loved working in Southborough, and hope I have contributed something important to the community in the time I have been here. But time marches on, and sad as I am to leave, I am now ready for the next phase of my life.

Sugarman-Whittier has served at the helm of SYFS for most of her tenure. 

She was initially hired as a Prevention Services Coordinator. Within 6-8 months she was promoted to Co-Director the department with her hiring manager, Ellen Pionteck. She has served as the sole director for the past 16 years.

Her last day will be January 18, 2016.

Congratulations to Sugarman-Whittier on a well earned retirement.

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Diane Beane
8 years ago

Hi Laurie
Congratulations on your retirement and your years of service in Southboro.
I remember you and your daughter from Plymouth House Nursery School where I was both a teacher and eventually the director for the last nine of my thirty two years in education.
I’ve been retired since ’01 and love this phase of life!
Enjoy your well deserved time off starting in January !!

Donna McDaniel
8 years ago

What a gift Laurie has been to this town–the youth, of course, but her work does reflect and affect the whole community. I would say that this town service gets little attention and appreciation when it deserves a whole lot more. (Second in missing appreciation is the Senior Center which is an amazing place with more services than we could count on a couple of hands thanks to Pam and many others.
I will write more in a coming column about some of the youth and senior programs but you can beat me to it by looking them up on the town website…all committees are listed… just find and click. Yes, it is our money as taxpayers with substantial help from others and businesses and some fund-raising.
Thanks, Laurie. Always a calm and determined leader.

Barbara Jandrue
8 years ago

I will miss working with you Laurie. You’ve done so much for so many and you will be so hard to replace. Thanks!
Enjoy being a Grandma! It’s so much fun.

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