ZBA meeting may not be broadcast live tonight

Southborough Access Media staff have been struggling with equipment issues this fall. It seems they had another setback over the past week.

In my government meetings for the week, I mentioned that the Zoning Board of Appeals broadcast may be delayed instead of live. SAM asked me to make sure readers got that message.

(I have to admit, it was a bit buried.)

The ZBA meeting is scheduled for 7:30 pm in the Town House Hearing Room. On the agenda is an appeal of the Planning Board’s approval of site plan for Fay Athletic Field, used by Southborough Youth Soccer. Also scheduled are special permits for Ken Foods and 2 Valade Court and a discussion on ZBA submittals.

SAM hopes to be able to live broadcast* the meeting, but please don’t rely on that. If you feel a need to view the action live, come on down to the Town House tonight.

(Hmm. Were any SYS members in the room when the equipment went down? They have been trying to recruit a good turnout at the meeting tonight!)

If you don’t care about seeing it live, you should be able to catch the meeting later. SAM plans to post the recording to their You Tube page and rebroadcast it on the channel.

For an update on SAM’s equipment status, you can check their twitter feed on the website.

*SAM’s government meeting broadcasts are on Verizon-37 and Charter-192.

(Image from SAM’s website)

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