Is this your cat?

Above: A family in town is seeking to find out if this cat has an owner. (cropped from contributed photo)

A cat in town seems to have adopted a new family. While that family is becoming attached, they’re worried that he/she already has owners!

For about three weeks, the cat has been making himself at home with a family on Valley Road – sometimes inside. The family wants to know if they are helping a stray or co-opting someone else’s cat. (With winter on the way, I think that’s important to figure out.)

They have already verified that no one reported the cat missing to Animal Control. They’ve asked around the neighborhood and through Facebook. Now they are looking for help from readers to solve the mystery.

If you own this cat (or know who does), please contact Kara at 508-414-7141 or

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Susan Rosenthal
6 years ago

It would also be a good idea to find out if the kitty has a microchip. Any vet or shelter could probably scan it for you.

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