Southborough Troop sends popcorn to the troops

Above: Town Boy Scouts and the community came together to show appreciation for service members in the Persian Gulf. (contributed photo)

Here’s a story worth sharing. (It made me feel good to learn about it.)

When Southborough Boy Scouts sell popcorn each year, they offer a choice for the community to donate some to the military. This year, Troop 92 was able to donate $2,000 worth of popcorn to service members on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

The popcorn was originally intended for the ship carrying Southborough’s Lt. JG Emily Hegarty. But they learned that Hegarty’s ship was steaming back home.

She asked that they send the goods to the ship taking its place, the USS Harry S. Truman. That ship has been in the news several times lately, including for the resumption of anti-Isis air strikes and a close encounter with Iranian test rockets.

Here’s an excerpt from the thank you message they received from Lt. JG James Ball of the U.S. Navy: 

We are enjoying it and I am not sure the bags will last much longer since it tastes so great. My midsection doesn’t like it as much as my taste buds!

Please pass on our appreciation to the boys, you have brought smiles to all of us while in the gulf!

Keep up the great work in the scouts and molding our future leaders.

Recognition of U.S. troops was one of the few things both sides of the aisle could agree upon at last night’s State of the Union. It’s nice to see hometown boys and our community continuing to find ways to show their support.

Click below for enlarged photos of Troop 92 (at Veteran’s Day) and grateful service members from the USS Truman:

Southborough Boy Scout Troop 92 (contributed photo) LTJG James Ball and shipmates (contributed photo)

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Steve Whynot
8 years ago

Great job guys!!!!! It’s great to see that our little town of Southborough continues to remember our men and women still serving…

Congratulations on a job well done..

8 years ago

Great job, boys!

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