Learn about suburban wildlife tracking – Feb 27

Above: Left – Tracker David Brown points out a bobcat sign in a porcupine runway. (Photo Bart DeWolf) Right – A class examines tracks in the mud (photo from David Brown Wildlife Service’s website)

Ever wondered what’s living in your backyard and neighborhood? Are you curious about what wildlife is making a home in our town’s open spaces?

Residents are invited to come learn about interpreting tracks and hidden signs of wildlife in the suburbs. The free outdoor workshop is sponsored by the Open Space Preservation Commission.

The program is geared to teens and adults. It takes place a week from tomorrow. (Not to be confused this Saturday’s nature walk):

Hidden Suburban Wildlife Tracking
at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land
Saturday February 27 – 1 to 3 PM

Join members of Southborough’s Open Space Preservation Commission as we take a walk at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land (BHCL) to find, identify and interpret the tracks, trails and sign of wild animals that live close to us but conceal themselves in foliage and the night. Many species that we may think of as wilderness creatures have found their way into our conservation lands in the past few decades. Sign of deer, coyote, fox, otter, fisher beaver and many others can now be found in these areas.

The walk will be at a slow pace. Dress warmly with snow-proof boots. Less than a mile will be covered. The walk will be led by David Brown, author of several publications including the recently released: The Next Step: Interpreting Animal Tracks, Trails and Sign.

Check out his website for more info on tracking http://www.dbwildlife.com.

Materials will be available for purchase so bring your wallet, check them out on his web site under products.

The program is suitable adults and teens 13 and up.

Parking is limited please carpool. Meet at the Trail head at the BBHCL parking lot on Breakneck Hill Road

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