Southborough primary by the numbers

Above: Democrats grabbed the most votes in Southborough with the majority going to Hillary Clinton.

Just over 50% of registered voters in Southborough turned up at the polls yesterday. That includes a good showing by unenrolled voters.

Here’s how the stats broke down.

Southborough fell in line with the state by ranking of winners. But by share of votes, there were significant differences.

20160302_super_tuesday_votes_democraticOur town gave Hillary Clinton a more decisive win over Bernie Sanders, 53% to 46% (vs state results of 50% to 49%).

In the Republican race, Donald Trump’s also decisive win was less of a landslide.

On the Republican ballot, he won 35% of the vote and runners up John Kasich and Marco Rubio took 28% and 27%. 20160302_super_tuesday_votes_republican(At the state level, Trump took 49% and left Kasich and Rubio with 18% each.)

For a better look at the town votes by ballot, click the pie charts to enlarge.

56% of Southborough voters took part in the Democratic primary vs 44% for the Republican ballot.

More than 20% of yesterday’s voters were unenrolled.* Republican votes exceeded the number of registered Republicans in town by 28%. Democratic votes exceeded the party by 26%.

*At this point, there’s no data to accurately say which ballots unenrolled voters chose. The Town didn’t share how many voters checked in by party.

If 100% of each registered party voted, it would mean that at least 18% of unenrolled voters showed up. 

Updated (3/2/16 3:03 pm) With talk of potentially record turnouts in our state, I was curious where we stood vs the last big primary. We’re up by 26 voters from 2008. But there was actually an 8% decline in % of registered voters who turned up.

Other comparisons to 2008 I found interesting, when I looked at 2008. . .

The “Trump effect” didn’t draw unusual numbers for the Republican ticket in town. At least, not compared to the effect of having a former Governor on the ’08 ballot.

The Republican ballot drew only 22% of registered voters, down 12 points from ’08. And the ’08 front-runners each captured more Southborough votes than Trump did this year (Mitt Romney by 23 points and John McCain by 10 points).

Meanwhile, Hillary’s % of registered voters was only down 1 point from 2008 when she beat President Obama by a hair.

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Moyses Kuchnir
8 years ago

There were also votes for state –man and state –woman as well as Southborough Advisory Board. Where do we find those results?

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