Expert parenting advice: Tonight, next week, and a replay (Updated)

Next week, our school district is hosting another parenting talk. This time the focus is on five simple tips for raising “competent and confident” children (or “Five to Thrive”).

As I shared before, Fay School is holding their own parenting talk for the public tonight with an expert addressing self confidence issues. Click here to read more.

Last month, the district brought in an expert who focused on how to help children navigate the digital age. That is now available through the district’s Education Channels. Click here to see the streaming video on NCAT’s website. (Or check out the NCAT schedule for TV replays via SAM on Verizon 36 and Charter 194.)

But first, more details on next week’s session, the last of this year’s series. [Note: this has been postponed due to weather. Future date TBD.]

Monday, April 4 at 7:00 pm, Trottier Middle School will host Maria Trozzi, M. ED. (For her expert credentials, click on the flyer.)

FIVE to Thrive flyer
(click to caption)

Five to Thrive
An Enlightening Talk on the Stresses of Parenting Young Children Today

Parents often worry that if they are not doing everything, they are doing nothing. But it is not necessary to do everything. Mrs. Trozzi’s refreshing and honest approach focuses on just FIVE thoughtful strategies to promote children who are competent and confident, able to successfully navigate a complicated world.

SAM will be capturing next Monday’s talk for those who can’t make it. But if you want the chance to ask questions, mark it on your calendar.

This is the last of the three sessions in this year’s speaker series, launched by the school in the fall. The first focused on the “ABCs of ZZZs”. If you missed that, you can see the SAM video here.

In contrast, the Fay School Ideas&Insights series aren’t captured by local cable. So if you are worried about your child’s self esteem (and what you can and can’t do about it), head over to Fay School tonight.

Updated (4/4/16 2:56 pm) Five to Thrive has been postponed due to weather. Future date TBD.

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