Marvelous Marvin to have kids Bugging Out – Thursday

The Southborough Library is again entertaining kids who are sticking around over school break. This time they are bringing in children’s entertainer Marvelous Marvin.

The show takes place this Thursday, April 22 at 3:00 pm on the main floor.

The magician promises to have the kids Bugging Out.

His website explains:

DO the waggle dance!
GAPE at 40 bug pictures!
EXPERIENCE metamorphosis!

Bugging Out is all about bugs. In rhyme, Marvin teaches about fascinating bug habits, bug archaeology and the importance of bugs to humans. Write and recite your own bug poem on stage in front of everyone! With circus arts, magic and music, Marvelous Marvin opens his giant bug book to reveal illustrations by Paul Olson and photos by Brian Jones.

(Image from Marvelous Marvin’s press kit)

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Lura Baker
7 years ago

What ages is this geared toward?

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