BOS asks MassDOT to table over Flagg Rd; considering no curb cut for Park Central

Selectmen have issued a letter to Masschusetts Department of Transportation. The letter asks MassDOT officials to sit down with them to work out safety issues over Flagg Road.

Last night, Chair Brian Shea read the letter to MassDOT to the public. The letter describes last week’s safety forum with approx. 100 residents. And it specifies many of the Town’s concerns.

Selectmen informed DOT that they disagreed with traffic reports:

we maintain that the road is already challenged to handle its current level of traffic.

The letter goes on to say that while selectmen object to the state’s intent to block Park Central drive access to Route 9 due to its proximity to Rte 495. That would force not only the development but all current businesses onto Flagg Road. Selectmen wrote:

it is unfathomable to the board that the state seeks to solve their traffic problem by creating one for the community. . .

we are requesting that MassDOT join the Board of Selectmen at the table to explore avenues that will address these concerns as both local and state thoroughfares are impacted.

Later, Selectman John Rooney asked the board to consider going further. He suggested prohibiting a “curb cut” on Flagg Road. 

Selectman Paul Cimino suggested that they may not be allowed to completely prohibit access to the road. As a backup, he proposed installing a concrete island configured to contain Park Central access as only towards and from Route 9. Cars would still be able to access Flagg via Route 9. But reverse traffic – up Flagg Road to Park Central or Route 9 would be blocked. And traffic that backs up would do so into Park Central – not Flagg Road.

Rooney was concerned about increasing morning traffic on adjoining roads from area residents who currently via Route 9.

Selectwoman Bonnie Phaneuf was concerned about the language of Rooney’s curb cut suggestion. She wants to make sure it doesn’t stop residents who look to install a loop in front of their homes.

Rooney responded that curb cuts may be the wrong language. But he was trying to use language that didn’t lead into his conflict of interest on Park Central. He also told the board that Selectman Dan Kolenda’s vote may be required if conflict keeps him from voting.*

Resident Karen Shimkus worried that Cimino’s suggestion for a hard curb could cause problems with emergency vehicle access.

The board agreed that they will seek to act quickly. They plan to seek advice on their ability to prevent access to the road and will wait to hear back from DOT. Additionally, they will find out if emergency vehicles would be accessing that area of Flagg Road by Route 9 or Flagg Road.

* Selectman Kolenda was unable to attend the forum or this week’s meeting. (Judging by a comment from Chair Shea, he is currently engaged in military service.) Shea is asking Kolenda to review videos of missed meetings to get up to speed.

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7 years ago

Wow! Finally there is some sanity coming out of town hall. Thank you to the board of selectman for seeiing this problem before it becomes a huge problem and attempting to do something about it.

mark dassoni
7 years ago
Reply to  djd66

Thank you selectmen for seeing Flagg rd. as what it is ,Dot. is blind to neighborhood ,to citizens congratulations but fight not over yet, keep fighting , Developer and ZBA with fight back through courts get ready for that . Mark Dassoni.

7 years ago

Step in the right direction for sure but the public needs to continue to voice their opinion.

mark dassoni
7 years ago
Reply to  Todd

Agree 100%,Mark Dassoni.

7 years ago

The proximity of 495 is going to control a lot of this. Why not just widen Flagg Road?

7 years ago
Reply to  Publius

haha. Are you suggesting taking land from the homeowners to widen the road?

mark dassoni
7 years ago
Reply to  Publius

control by 495 says to me the public transportation will rise in traffic, mass. pike tolls will rise again, which has nothing do with rte.9 exit onto Flagg rd. plus variance bylaws will come into play, Mark Dassoni.

7 years ago
Reply to  Publius


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