Park Central Site Plan Review continued to Thursday night

On Monday night, the Planning Board held a continued hearing on the Site Plan Review for the Park Central project. Much of the two hour discussion was spent deliberating over what the board should be reviewing and how to proceed.

Chair Don Morris walked the board through passages of the the Zoning Board of Appeal’s recent approval and the linked Use Variance decision in 2015. He believed some sections were contradictory. He sought there opinion on whether they should be conducting a full review. And if they didn’t, did that mean the ZBA would be reviewing the rest.

Developer Bill Depietri expressed frustration over the “disingenuous” questions so far into the process. He argued the board had plenty of time in the past to figure out the answers. Instead, they had prioritized other business including attempts to “torpedo” the project.

Member Phil Jenks assured that he was not conspiring to torpedo the project. He just wanted to ensure it was regulated correctly. Jenks believed it was up to the board to conduct a full review.

All agreed to continue the hearing to Thursday night. Members were doubtful that they would be able to fully review and approve with conditions in time for the September 30th project deadline.

Depietri said he will consider extending it Thursday night, but only if he believed it would result in real progress. If he believes that extending it will only make the board take longer to ultimately reject the project, or impose untenable conditions, he won’t do it. 

Earlier in the discussion, members worried over planned egress and ramifications to safety on Flagg Road. They also worried about MassDOT’s plans to change Flagg Road’s entrance onto Route 9 from a merge to a T-shaped stop. Member Andrew Mills believed that would be more dangerous.

Attorney Angelo Catanzaro said that the egress to Flagg Road instead of Route 9 isn’t in his client’s control. Therefore, any design changes for that wouldn’t be agreed to. Throughout the meeting, Catanzaro said the board was free to impose conditions as they see fit. But he indicated that unacceptable ones would most likely be appealed.

At the meeting’s end, member Jesse Stein said that he was leaning towards rejecting the Site Plan as too “intrusive on the needs of the public”. He based his opinion partly on the Flagg Road egress (and on potential impact to schools). Four members voted to continue the hearing. Stein chose to abstain.

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5 years ago

Interesting that a non resident of Southborough was allowed to speak. I would love to know why there was a vote.

mark dassoni
5 years ago
Reply to  JOJAMA

as a non-resident it is procedure to board vote, Mark Dassoni.

Peter B
5 years ago

Did developer’s attorney, Mr Catanzaro, insist that Park Central development introduces no safety issue to Flagg Rd?

mark dassoni
5 years ago
Reply to  Peter B

no, at time was not their call at time back around 2007 it was DOT. call for no left turn on Flagg rd. Mark Dassoni

mark dassoni
5 years ago

For Thursday night planning board, the conservation board should be there reason: what their opinion to project ?, other than 2007 when was updated environmental tests done? , why is 3 Bantry rd. singled out? according to assessors abutters listing there are more than 6 residences on it park central said only 6 were agreeing with them, are few random thoughts for all for tonight, Mark Dassoni ,ps. ZBA is so backwards and illogically though of in town . that my own thought.

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