Is this your cat?

It seems to be a regular thing now – cats lost and found. The latest one is of the above feline hanging around a house on Newton Street.

David McIntire is hoping the owner will recognize and claim him:

He (or she) is friendly, very clean and a little skinny; no collar. I’ve asked around and can’t find its owner. I can’t keep him as I have a cat and the two of them do not get along.

If you want to reach McIntire, you can email or call 508-460-1537.

(contributed photo)

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David McIntire
5 years ago

I have found the owner of the cat. Thank you for your assistance. Dave

5 years ago

This cat starting visiting us on Ledge Hill Rd last March.

I am glad he has a home and has been claimed.

Steve R.
5 years ago

So many cats lost recently. Let’s remember to keep these cats on their leaches so they don’t go wondering.

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