Photo Gallery: I don’t believe in no ghosts

Above:  For some in town, a Parkerviller Road home is the traditional destination for Halloween thrills. (Photos here and below submitted by Blair Sutherland)

Are you looking to add some excitement to tonight’s Trick or Treating? (As if loads of candy isn’t enough to get the kids’ adrenaline going.)

There’s one couple in town that is continuing to go all out on their Halloween decor. At 139 Parkerville Road, the Sutherlands are at it again.

Blair Sutherland and his wife have been putting on grand displays for years.

They take pride in creating fun Halloween memories for kids. (But with young kids in mind, they keep most of the fright out of Fright Night.)

This year, their theme is Ghostbusters.

Tonight, you can expect music and special effects to complete the illusion. (But no live actors jumping out to terrify tots.) Below is a preview.

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img_2111 img_2112 img_2101 img_2106

img_2117 img_2107 img_2108

For more on the couple’s Halloween tradition: read Susan’s story on the couple from 2011, with photos of an alien themed extravaganza. You can also take a look at other past year’s themed displays: Lost World, Gotham City, and Disney Villains.

And if you have some great pics of your own from tonight, your decorations, or recent town Halloween celebrations, don’t forget to send them in. (Email

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5 years ago

My family and I always end our Halloween night at the Sutherland house. We truly appreciate the Sutherland family! Thank you!

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