Sign up (again) for Town news alerts

Over a year ago, I shared that the Town’s new website allowed signing up for news alerts. I’ve been disappointed that the use of alerts seemed to disappear soon after it started. But an update by the Town Planner Monday night made me take a second look.

The E-Alerts section seems to have been updated since I signed up in November of 2015.

If you are interested in keeping on top of news, agendas, and/or minutes from specific committees, check it out. Just provide your email address and check off the alerts you want to receive. (Make sure to complete their bot/spam filter at the bottom before hitting subscribe.)

If you thought you were signed up last year but haven’t gotten messages lately, it may be that you dropped off when new categories were added for the alerts. (I believe that happened to me.) In which case, it’s time to revisit the site and sign up again – this time with more options.

Visit the E-Alerts page here to sign up.

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