Fire Department: Tractor trailer crash on Saturday and other updates

Above: A glimpse of what the SFD has been up to over the past month (images posted to Facebook)

Southborough Firefighters responded to a crash on 495 during Saturday’s snow storm. The SFD posted the news with photos on their Facebook page:

It was the second time in just over a month that Southborough emergency crews rushed in to help a tractor trailer after an accident on a major highway. In November, two trucks collided on the Pike, also resulting in a fuel spill. This one included an injury: 

On the lighter side, the Southborough Firefighters Association announced on Friday, they successfully sold out of Christmas Trees. The day prior, they generously offered:

We still have a few trees left and if you know of a family that may not be able to afford a tree this year please send them our way, and we will give them one to take home with them.

Speaking of generosity, the firefighters also collected many gifts for Project Just Because in Hopkinton (with some help from the Girl Scouts who took up a collection at their annual sing-a-long).

And I get the impression at least one firefighter helped Santa make a visit the New England Center for Children:

With the big holidays quickly approaching, let’s hope for everyone’s sake it’s a relaxing one for our firefighters and police officers. (Drive sober and safely out there!)

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