Keep on top of Government news and meetings (e.g., the Golf Course and Public Safety Building)

Town Clerk Jim Hegarty has been getting a lot of questions about the Town’s plans related to building a new Public Safety Building on St. Mark’s Golf Course. Some of you may not realize that while overlapping, these issues are being looked at by separate committees.

Of course, you can expect me to share occasional updates on the projects. But it may not be with the frequency and amount of detail you’re looking for. But you are free to attend the meetings yourself, or at least check the agendas to see what committees are up to.

On a weekly basis, I post the meeting agendas and highlights for the week. But, as I often point out the schedule can change. With Town Meetings approaching, activity is likely to be ramping up. Hegarty is encouraging residents who want to stay informed to sign up for E-alerts.

You can visit the E-Alerts page on the Town website, provide your email address and check off the alerts you want to receive. (Make sure to complete their bot/spam filter at the bottom before hitting subscribe.)

You can select news and announcements, agendas and meeting minutes.

For this topic, you should check off all three categories for both the St. Mark’s Golf Course Master Plan Committee (looking at prioritizing use of the parcel) and the Public Safety Committee (focused on plans for the new complex). You may also want to keep on top of the Board of Selectmen meetings, in case there are any updates by representatives from those committees to the board.


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