Town Election update: Potential contests brewing for Board of Selectmen, Moderator and more (Updated)

If you are considering running for office in Southborough, act quick. The deadline to file papers is a week from today.* And already some potential contests are brewing.

Four people have pulled papers for the two Board of Selectmen seats. And two residents may be running for Moderator.

How contested seats will actually be remains to be seen. Most potential candidates have yet to file signed papers and could still be deciding.

Meanwhile multiple incumbents have yet to even pull papers, leaving it unclear whether or not they plan to run again. If they do, we’ll also be looking at contests for the Southborough and Regional school committees and possibly for the Library Trustees.

In contrast, we may have a vacancy for the Board of Health seat. Nancy Sacco, the board chair, has yet to pull papers for re-election.

We won’t know until April 7th whose names will actually be on the ballot.* But here’s how things are starting to shape up. (Unless otherwise noted below, candidates have yet to file signed papers): 

Board of Selectmen – vote for two – 3 year term
Lisa Braccio
Daniel L. Kolenda (candidate for re-election)
Jesse T. Stein
Sam R. Stivers
[Note: one incumbent has yet to pull papers – Paul Cimino]

Moderator – vote for one – 1 year term
Alfred C. Hamilton
Stephen A. Morreale (candidate for re-election) 

Board of Trustees Southborough Library – vote for two – 3 year term
Amy B. Vachris
[Note: the two incumbents have yet to pull papers – Dolores Fallon and Nancy Mayo]

Northborough-Southborough Regional School Committee – vote for two Southborough candidates – 3 year term
(filed) – Paul C. Butka (candidate for re-election)
(filed) – Paul H. Desmond
[Note: one incumbent has yet to pull papers – David Rueger]

School Committee – vote for two – 3 year term
(filed) – Paul H. Desmond (candidate for re-election)
(filed) – Keturah Martin
[Note: one incumbent has yet to pull papers – Kathleen Harragan]

Board of Assessors – vote for one – 3 year term
Thomas Beaumont (candidate for re-election)

Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds – vote for one – 3 year term
William J. Boland (candidate for re-election)

Planning Board – vote for one – 1 year term
Donald C. Morris (candidate for re-election)

Town Clerk – vote for one -3 year term
(filed) – James F. Hegarty (candidate for re-election)

Board of Health – vote for one – 3 year term
No candidates at this time
[Note: the incumbent has yet to pull papers – Nancy A. Sacco]

If you are considering entering a race, click here for more details.

*Nomination papers need to be signed by 43 registered voters. The deadline for submissions is 7:00 pm on March 21st. 

**Once filed, candidates have until April 6th to withdraw their names from the ballot.

Updated (3/17/17 8:23 am): Somehow, the Planning Board and its incumbent, Don Morris, fell off my list! (He was there in my first draft!) Sorry about that.

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