Town Meeting tonight: Special counsel, Historical Preservation, (possibly) marijuana, and more (Updated)

Above: The Historical Society is calling on those who care about preservation to support several articles still up for vote. And they are updating the public on progress made since last year’s vote to preserve the Burnett estate. Photos capture preservation work in progress at the Stone House and the Chapel (photos by Alan Bezanson)

Town Meeting is set to resume tonight, 7:00 pm at Trottier Middle School. I can’t predict all that we’ll get through tonight, but I can tell you some of what is sure to be covered. 

Changes to the Personnel Salary Administrative Plan (Article 5) were tabled to tonight. So, expect that to be dealt with.

Special Town Meeting is scheduled to be reopened tonight at 8:00 pm (though that time may shift.) That Warrant will deal with a citizen’s petition Article to authorize elected officials to hire special counsel when needed.

Several of the Warrant Articles, including ones sure to be voted on tonight, deal with preserving Southborough history. The Southborough Historical Society has posted about 11 articles that “have a direct effect on historical preservation in Southborough.”:

If you care about historical preservation in Southborough, this is not a meeting to miss!

Read about those important items here.

That list doesn’t even cover the Community Preservation Act administrative appropriation articles related to the Burnett House. Just in time for this week’s meeting, the Society posted photos updating residents on that preservation work. (For a closer look at the photos at the top of the story, click here.)

Voters only got through 9 articles last night. So, I can’t assure that we’ll get to Articles 31-33 on Recreational Marijuana tonight. But, it’s a good possibility. (In fact, it’s possible we’ll get through all the remaining articles. I just highly doubt it.)

What remains up for vote are Annual Town Meeting Articles 11-43 and Special Town Meeting Article 7 (& 5 which will be indefinitely postponed.) Click here for a reminder of what those articles are.

Last night went well past 11:00 pm and tonight’s sure to be another long one. So, I’m going to take a break this morning and run some pre-scheduled posts before I write about last night’s action. (In the meantime, you can read about some of it in Southborough Wicked Local.)

Updated (4/26/17 11:29 am): I accidentally referred to the SAP article as #4. It’s #5.

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