Mental Health Awareness month: SYFS initiative (co-sponsored by MySouthborough)

MHA note - (300 Million people worldwide are affected by depresssion)

Above: In partnership with SYFS, this is the first in a series of “Mental Note of the Day” posts that I’ll be sharing throughout Mental Health Awareness month. (click to enlarge)

Southborough Youth & Family Services is again promoting Mental Health Awareness month.  Their goal is to educate our community about mental health, and to reduce stigma.

And, of course, they are reaching out to those struggling with mental health issues (including depression) and their loved ones.

To do that, they are posting impactful quotes and statistics about mental health issues throughout town. Here are a few:

mha note - (We must change our culture if we are to succeed in saving lives and ending suffering.) mha note - (Myth: Going to therapy means I’m weak, flawed, or “crazy.”) mha note - (50% of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14) mha note - (You are not alone in this)

[Note: if you have any concerns about mental health for yourself or your family, please call Southborough Youth & Family Services, at 508 481-5676. SYFS offers free mental health services for residents of the town, and can also help refer to outside clinicians as appropriate.]

SYFS asked what I could do to help their campaign. It’s a worthy effort, so I pledged to co-sponsor it. That means throughout the month of May, expect to see a “Mental Health Note of the Day” on the blog and MySouthborough Facebook and twitter accounts. 

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