Town-owned Affordable Home available – first come, first served – Open House on Sunday

Above: This 3 bedroom unit for $208,080 is only available to qualified, first-time home buyers (exceptions may apply). (Images from flyer)

Recently, the Town re-acquired an Affordable Housing property at 10A Fitzgerald Lane. The house will be made available for purchase with an Open House scheduled for this weekend.

Unlike the last time a Town-owned unit was on the block – this won’t be by lottery. Instead, the unit is being marketed as “available on a first come first serve basis”. 

(There’s a lot of paperwork that must be submitted with the application. So be sure to prepare by reading details in the brochure and application.)

The Open House is being held for potential applicants this Sunday, June 11th. From 10:00 am to noon, you can check out the “Lovely Duplex in a great neighborhood in Southborough” priced at only $208,080.

Applicants must meet specified moderate income criteria:

1. Income Limits:

1 person: $47,600       4 person: $68,000
2 person: $54,400       5 person: $73,450
3 person: $61,200       6 person: $78,900

2. Assets Limit $75,000
3. Must be 1st time home buyer (exceptions may apply)

For details, open the brochure. For the application, click here.

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