Fireworks safety and access to Emergency messages

Southborough’s Emergency Management’s Lt. Neal P. Aspesi asked me to share a couple of notices from SEMA and the Fire Department.

fireworks laws
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The first is a reminder about fireworks laws and safety. The Fire Department posted a reminder on Facebook that it isn’t legal for private citizens to purchase fireworks or set them off. The flyer right details the rules and penalties.

They also asked me to share a video link “vividly showing the dangers of fireworks.” (It is pretty horrifying.)

The post reminded me of a fact I recently saw tweeted. Having verified it, I’m sharing my shock that the sparklers I used to wave around on the beach as a kid burn at 1200 degrees. (I’ll definitely be sticking with glow stick for my kids.) Below are more details I learned about Fireworks dangers from

fireworks safety tips fireworks safety infographic  (

I know, I know. We’re a bunch of wet blankets on your 4th of July fun. But, as SFD posted, their goal is “for everyone to have safe & happy 4th of July celebrations. Be Smart, Be Safe.”

To that end, how about finding some official fireworks to enjoy safely? For that, you can check out Southborough Wicked Local’s interactive map of Independence Day celebrations here. (And remember, you can look forward to Southborough’s display at Summer Nights on Saturday, August 26th.)

On another note, SEMA posted a reminder to those of you who aren’t hooked up to receive emergency notices from the Town. (If you didn’t get a call or text two weeks ago about black bear sightings – that includes you.)

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