Transfer Station stickers: Senior drive bys; options for the rest of us (Updated)

Above: Seniors can drive around to the back of the Senior Center in July to get their new Transfer Station stickers applied. The rest of us can head to the Town House or buy them online/through the mail (photos by Susan Fitzgerald)

Tomorrow marks the first day that residents can buy new Transfer Station permits.

Current stickers don’t expire until September. But, if you’re a senior, you’ll probably want to take care of it in July. That’s when the Town Clerk will be again offering an easy drive by option during special hours. (Scroll down for those details).

According to the announcement, prices are the same this year as last. And non-senior residents again have options for purchasing the sticker online, through the mail, or in person at the Clerk’s office. (Seniors can, too. They just also have a more attractive option if they are in Town this July.)

Southborough Transfer Station Stickers – on sale July 1, 2017

  • Buy your sticker online at (NO surcharge for using a credit card!)
  • Or mail your check payable to Town of Southborough and the completed application to:

3 Rosenfeld Drive
Hopedale, MA 01747

  • Or stop by the Town Clerk’s Office.

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 8am – 5pm, Tuesday 8am – 7pm, Friday, 8am-noon.

  • No paperwork needed!
  • The cost remains the same as last year:
    • $200 for 2 All Access stickers.
    • $50 for 2 Recycle stickers.
    • Rates increase if the stickers are purchased after September 15th.
  • Only current residents who are listed on the town census can buy a sticker.

FREE Stickers for Seniors 65+

  • When: July 5th(possibly July 10) – July 28th (Monday – Friday)*
  • Time: Noon to 4 pm
  • Where: Senior Center parking lot
  • How: Drive to the back of the Senior Center parking lot and an attendant from the Clerk’s Office will put a sticker on your car. You don’t need any paperwork and you don’t even have to get out of your car!

Where do I put the sticker?

  • Outside of the driver’s windshield or
  • On the bumper on the driver’s side.

Questions or suggestions? Call the Town Clerk’s Office at (508) 485-0710 x 3005.

*Updated (7/6/13 8:15 pm): Jim Hegarty posted a comment below explaining that stickers are late arriving from the vendor. He hopes to have them in time for applying to seniors’ cars by Monday. You can check in with the Clerk’s office at (508) 485-0710 x 3005.

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Southborough Town Clerk
5 years ago


Due to a series of unfortunate issues with the California firm that manufactured the Transfer Station stickers, we still have not received properly printed stickers. We hope (maybe I should write PRAY) to have the stickers so we can start issuing them to Seniors by noon on Monday morning July 10.

Current Transfer Station stickers are still valid until September 15.

Thank you for your patience as we work though this problem.

Jim Hegarty
Southborough Town Clerk
(508) 485-0710 x 3007

Southborough Town Clerk
5 years ago

The stickers have arrived!

We will be issuing Transfer Station stickers on Friday starting at noon at the Senior Center – as long as the rain holds off. If it starts to rain, we’ll stop for the day for safety reasons.

Thank you for your patience!

Jim Hegarty
Southborough Town Clerk
(508) 485-0710 x 3007

5 years ago

I took advantage of the drive thru sticker option for seniors yesterday.
This is, I think, year 2 of the program and it works wonderfully.

Great idea, Jim. Love the creativity.

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