Henna Tattoos: August 9th Crafternoon for 12-19 year olds

Above: Teens can learn how to decorate themselves with henna tattoos (image from instructor Mandy Roberge’s website)

The Southborough Library’s final event in this summer’s “Crafternoon” series for teens will focus on tattoos. (Don’t worry, they aren’t permanent.) Popular crafter Mandy Roberge will teach 12-19 year olds how to adorn themselves with henna.

Teenagers can “create their own hand designs to pencil onto their skin.”

Henna is Roberge’s forte. According to her website, Wicked Good Henna, the henna paste patterns are “glued” to the skin with a lemon-sugar mixture and kept on for hours to stain the skin. When applied properly, the stain darkens over several days before it begins to fade away.

The tattooing event takes place Wednesday, August 9th from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.

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