Southborough job listings: Personal Banking and School district jobs

I learned of more jobs available in Southborough. If you have any of your own job openings in town to share this week, you can add them in comments below.

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Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough

Our school district is advertising two new jobs, beyond last week’s list. (Though listed as located in Southborough, they are likely based at Algonquin.)

Click here to learn more about the school district and job opportunities.

Santander Bank

  • Personal Banking Representative (Full-Time)
    As a member of Santander’s retail banking division you’ll help serve Santander’s retail and small business customers as part of one of the top banks in the United States based on deposits.

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Mike fuce
5 years ago

Again, special education, special teacher this, special special special, it’s out of control. Hold parents accountable for the choices the parents are making often times. I realize there are true medically challenged kids which we have to help. But there’s no one home in the big empty houses of Southborough, Northboro and our country . There’s no parents parenting and your kids live on social media and you’ve raised them in a godless , selfish , self-absorbed, lazy , over – Indulgent society.

5 years ago
Reply to  Mike fuce

Mike; with all due respect, please don’t lecture others on their responsibilities (as you see them). I’ve already posted about Special Education when you asked a question at the beginning of August about teaching positions and funding. As far as I’m aware, I did not receive a response to my post. Special education involves education for all children. Typically developing students benefit when teachers understand how to teach all of their students. If you are truly interested in a dialog on this subject, then kindly just engage without inflammatory rhetoric (see your last sentence). If you truly believe that the only children who should receive interventions in our schools are the ones with medical challenges, then you might want to attend some of the NSPAC meetings (our districts’ special education parent advisory council) to get a sense of what families of children with disabilities face everyday. It might be an eye-opener for you.

5 years ago

The other thing that puzzled me, and I forgot to ask, was whether you actually believe that having a learning disability is a “choice.” I’m just not clear on that. I’m trying to gather what you’re getting at, and the best I can make out, you’re saying that kids have disabilities because of of neglectful parents, technology and atheism. Please correct me if I’m wrong

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