Bus Routes posted; Sign up for Finn-Woodward Bus Monitors

The first day of Southborough schools is only eight days away. In preparation, the Southborough Schools have posted the new bus routes. (Don’t forget that the schools always warn to be prepared 10 minutes before – and after – you expect the bus to arrive!)

Now that you know what bus your child is taking, it’s time to talk Bus Monitors for the Finn/Woodward trips!

Do you have a Kindergartner scared about getting on the bus the first day? Does your 1st-3rd grader gets nervous the first week of school. Or maybe you’re the one nervous about putting your child on the bus.

Volunteering as Bus Monitor can help.

The first two days of school, volunteers monitor the Finn-Woodward bus route. The dates are Wednesday, August 30 and Thursday, August 31.

Monitors only need to commit to one trip. (Though you can take as many as are available.)

Even if your child is rearing to go, consider taking a shift.

Having monitors on the bus the first few days is important for the safety of our young students. Volunteers help children establish safe patterns for the school year. 

Monitors ensure that children:

  • Settle in quickly and buckle up (with a lap belt and clasp that many are unfamiliar with)
  • Sit in the right area of the bus (3rd graders in back and Kindergartners close to the driver)
  • Get off the appropriate stops

To sign up, click here. (If you have questions, email jenphansen@gmail.com.)

(Above: Anna McCarthy, presumably buckled in under Bus Monitor supervision, heads off to Kindergarten in a past year. Photo submitted.)

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