Man charged with kidnapping child suspended from Fay’s technology dept

You may have seen the horrifying headlines about a child allegedly abducted and attacked in Worcester. It turns out that the man arrested worked at a school (and camp) in Southborough. But according to the school’s statement, he never had “unsupervised interactions” with students.

Police have reported that a seven year old girl was kidnapped from her grandparents house during a cookout. The girl was purportedly strangled then thrown off a bridge into the Quinsigimund River. Thankfully, she survived and found her way to help.

The man charged with the crime worked in Fay School’s technology department for the past seven weeks. According to a letter to students’ parents yesterday, Joshua Hubert passed background checks, but was still in a “probationary period.” He is now “indefinitely” suspended and will not be on campus during the investigation.

As of now, the Telegram reports that he is being held without bail. For details on the crime, click here. For the full statement shared by Fay School, see below: 

Dear Fay Parents,

I’m writing to share news of a troubling event that you may have seen in the news.

Joshua Hubert was hired in early July in our technology department as a systems support analyst. Mr. Hubert went through the same vetting process Fay School follows for all prospective employees. This process includes fingerprinting, CORI and SORI checks, and recommendations. Mr. Hubert had verified and positive personnel references.

We learned this morning that Mr. Hubert was arrested for abducting and physically assaulting a seven year-old girl. According to reports, the girl was abducted from a private residence in Worcester, and neither that location nor the victim have any connection to Fay School.

Mr. Hubert was still in his probationary period of employment, and over the past seven weeks he did not have any unsupervised interactions with students in our summer programs. We have suspended Mr. Hubert indefinitely, and he will not be on campus pending a police investigation. As always, Fay will assist authorities who are investigating.

The safety of our students continues to be paramount. We will inform you if we have more information to share.


Rob Gustavson
Head of School

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