Bee Kind Music Classes – free sample September 8

On Friday, September 8th, young kids and parents can enjoy a special, free music class by “Ms. Carrie” of Merry Go Music.

Some of you may be familiar with singer/songwriter Carrie Rowan from past classes and events she has held for tots in the area. Others may know her as half of the duo Stefilia’s Little Stones which has performed at Steeple Coffeehouse.

This fall, Ms. Carrie will be holding Merry Go Music classes at Playtown Express. The theme is “Bee Kind”:

Bee Kind music class flyer
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Bee Kind is a 45 minute music class that fosters a love of music in little ones and a sense of calm in Moms. Infusing kindness and compassion through positive messages in Ms. Carrie’s award winning original music, this class will educate while it entertains during a magical and joyfully interactive musical experience that bonds parent and child like honey to the bee.

Come and bask in a few minutes of calm offered at the start of each class with a short mindfulness techniques for centering and clarity to support Moms while in class and out. Join us for a new and exciting way to experience music with your child…and see what all the buzzzz…is about!

The class next Friday is a free “sample”. Bring your kids at 10:00 am to jam for 30 minutes in Playtown Express’ party room. (If you join the class, you’ll also get to play at Playtown Express at a discounted rate of only $5 all day per family.)

To register, call Playtown Express at 508-480-0022.

Still looking for more details on the class? The website pitches the following benefits:

Brain Development is enhanced through music – most critical functions happen between ages 0-6

Expression of self through music fosters a stronger self awareness and confidence

Expressive and receptive language skills are nurtured through repetitive song lyrics and music and we use award winning original music and well loved timeless classics

Kindness and sharing are skills learned through connection and interaction in a social setting with varied age groups like our Bee Kind Music Classes

Intense emotions like JOY and WONDER make learning last a lifetime for our little ones – come feel the joy everyone is raving about

New neural connections are made while making music – these are what develop patters in our brains and prime little minds for learning

Dancing and singing can instantly change our state and increase our levels of happiness and connection showering us with good feeling hormones

**Did you know that babies come wired to receive music – studies show they can discriminate between differences in frequency, melody and stimuli as early as a few months of age. Incredible!

– invigorate your child’s mind with music classes today!

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