Got Culture? SCAC needs you (Learn more at info night – Sept 19) (Updated)

Once again, the Southborough Cultural Arts Council is again in desperate need for volunteers. They are looking for some fresh blood and/or – by my reading – return of some old blood.

To save the institution (which is in peril), new members would only need to participate in two meetings this fall.

The SCAC supports cultural projects that benefit and enrich the Southborough community. The grant money given out comes from state funds for the arts. And with that comes rules that lead to this occasional need to plea for volunteers.

SCAC is the local municipal board of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. To maintain that status, the board has a a minimum number of members (five) and term limits (which are about to expire for several members).

I looked up those rules. And according to the MCC guidelines*, members can return to serve on the board if they have remained off the board for more than a year. So, if you were a board member once upon a time, it looks like you can serve again.

To find out more about SCAC and the opportunity, attend their information night at the Southborough Library on September 19th.

Here is the organization’s call for volunteers with more details:

Got Culture?
Please join the Southborough Cultural Arts Council (SCAC)!

The SCAC needs you!
The Southborough Cultural Arts Council’s (SCAC) must have 5 members in order to receive funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Several longtime members have terms that expire at the end of this year.

Whether you’re an artist, a fan of art, a singer, a fan of singers, this will be a rewarding experience.

Last year, SCAC awarded 11 grants for a total of $4,500 dollars. The majority had a direct impact on cultural events in Southborough. That’s the number one priority for SCAC.

Are you free?
Tuesday, September 19th, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Please stop by the Southborough Public Library to meet current members, and learn about the good work done by the SCAC.

Membership involves participating in only two fall meetings. First, applicants make presentations on their grant applications, and second, the SCAC decides on the distribution of grant money.

This year’s grant deadline is October 16, 2017.

Please visit the SCAC website at to learn more about the group.


*MCC’s Local Cultural Council Program Guidelines as of August 2017 specify on page 2:

The term of membership for a council member is three years; members can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms, or a total of six years, unless the appointing authority removes a member before the expiration of a term. Members must remain off the council for a one-year interval before serving additional terms

Updated (9/12/17 12:48 pm): Due to the conflict with Rosh Hashanah, the event is being moved up from 9/20 to 9/19.

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Jane Keller Gordon
6 years ago

This meeting date has changed to Tuesday, September 19th, 7-8:30pm.
The SCAC apologizes for originally scheduling the meeting on Rosh Hashanah.

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