Hike Southborough Day – September 23 (Updated)

Above: Trails you can explore on Hike Southborough Day include the Beals Preserve and the Overlook Trail at Chestnut Hill Farm (images cropped from Chestnut Hill Farm blog)

The community is being invited to come out an hike in our town the weekend after next. Saturday, September 23rd is Hike Southborough Day. 

Activities are for all ages. Guided hikes are scheduled throughout the day. New Geocaches with prizes will be premiered. And kids can enjoy scavenger hunts to make hiking more fun. 

The event is organized by two Southborough Girl Scouts in cooperation with in cooperation with the Southborough Trails Committee, the Southborough Open Land Foundation, and Chestnut Hill Farm. (With snacks and water provided by Wegman’s.)

Organizers will be based out of a tent at Chestnut Hill Farm (from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm). But hiking activities extend beyond the farm.

Hike Southborough Day flyer b
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Residents are welcome to hike Town trails throughout the day. But for a guided hike, here is the schedule:

9:30 am – Beals Preserve (tracking wildlife)*
9:30 am – Sudbury Reservoir Trail
noon – Breakneck Hill
2 pm – Art Installation at Beals Preserve
2:30 pm – Chestnut Hill Farm
6 pm – Beals Preserve

Between 9-3 at the tent, you can pick up freebies (trail snacks, water, maps, scavenger hunt) and flyers with “Tips ‘N Tricks” for safe hiking, fun hiking, leave no trace, etc.

For those of you who enjoy Geocaching, you can look for prizes and several new caches. 

So, if you’re up for a hike, it sounds like a good time for all.

Updated (9/13/17 8:16 am): I just realized that I had mischaracterized it as one girl scout’s project. Two girls are organizing this as part of a Silver Award project.

*Updated (9/13/17 8:28 am): Through separate communications, I learned there is even more to this event than I realized. The 9:30 am guided tour at Beal’s Preserve will include wildlife tracking courtesy of SOLF. And the Stewardship Committee is also planning something out at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land. Stay tuned for details on both.

Updated (9/21/17 8:03 am): I posted stories since this on the Stewardship Committees walk at Breakneck Hill scheduled for noon that day (click here to learn about that) and the SOLF wildlife tracking walk at Beals Preserve (click here for that).

Updated (9/22/17 10:13 am): I forgot to add the Breakneck Hill walk to the list of scheduled guided walks above.

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