What to do about school days off: Rec Fun Days in Northborough and Home Alone Safety classes

Above: Don’t have someone to watch your kids on upcoming school days off? K-5th graders can sign up for Northborough Rec programs. And both Northborough and Southborough are offering classes to help kids be safe at home alone. (image right posted to Flickr by Sky Eckstrom)

In case you missed noticing, there are some school holidays (that are likely not work holidays for most parents) plus a few professional development days coming up. The first is this coming Thursday, September 21st (Rosh Hashannah).

Fortunately, we are on the same school calendar as a bigger town that can offer more programs. Northborough Rec is holding “Recreation Fun Days” this fall and winter. The program entertains K-5th graders from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm on most school days off. And, yes, they accept non-resident registrations.

For one of the days (October 10th), the Town is also offering an alternative half day program for 1st – 6th graders who like basketball.

But what about the older kids?

Hopefully, you’re already comfortable leaving them home alone. But if you aren’t, Home Alone safety classes are offered in Southborough and Northborough this fall. (Unfortunately, just not in time to prepare kids for off days this month and next. But it will help with the rest of the year.) 

Below are the details on all of these programs. 

The Recreation Fun Days program takes place at their Town Hall Gym (63 Main Street, Northborough). Northborough Rec describes:

Need childcare or a fun place for your child to be on a school vacation day? Drop your child off with us for a fun-filled day!

More Info

  • What kids will be doing: gym games, sports games, arts and crafts, PG movie, Wii tournament, and more. Outdoor play when weather permits. Please be sure your child wears sneakers and comfortable clothing.
  • Located at the Town Hall Gym & Rec Center, staffed by Northborough Rec staff.
  • Kids need to bring a lunch that doesn’t have to be reheated or refrigerated, 2 snacks and a water bottle.
  • First child is $45, siblings $30
  • Extended day is not available.

The program is currently being offered for the following dates:

  • Wednesday, 9/21, Rosh Hashanah
  • Tuesday, 10/10, Professional Development Day
  • Friday, 11/10, Veterans Day Observed 
  • Monday, 11/27, Professional Development Day
  • Monday, 12/26 – Friday, 12/29, Winter Break (sign up by the day)
  • Tuesday, 1/16, Professional Development Day
  • Tuesday, 2/20 – Friday, 2/23, February Break (sign up by the day)

The October 10th Basketball Clinic is being held at Algonquin from 9:00 am – noon for $30. It will be run by the ARHS Basketball coach.

You may also want to note that Southborough Rec is offering half day fun on Thursday, October 19th for 2nd & 3rd graders. That will come in handy for Woodward students who have an early dismissal that day. (So, does Finn School, but they aren’t eligible for that Rec program.)

As for the Home Alone Safety classes – each Town is offering one this fall.

Southborough’s is for 6th-8th graders on Friday, November 3rd from 6:00 – 6:45 pm. It will be run again by Officer Kevin Landry. It is a free class, but requires pre-registration and is for Southborough residents only:

Parents- have you ever wondered if you have covered all the bases when leaving your children home alone for the first time? This class will help ease your mind. Participants will learn accident and fire protection, first aid techniques, internet safety, answering telephone and door techniques. The class includes a variety of teaching methods, including a video and role playing.

Northborough’s doesn’t take place until December 5th, costs $55, and only has 3 seats left. So, why bother mentioning it? It covers kids younger than Southborough’s class – 9-11 year olds:

Is your child ready to be left home alone? This one day clinic is a must!


  • This class is designed for children who are unattended at home for short periods of time.
  • Children will learn telephone and door answering techniques, accident and fire prevention, and first aid skills. This class includes a variety of teaching methods, including active discussion, a video and role playing, with material provided by Smart Kids 101.
  • Class will break mid-way for dinner. Kids need to bring their own bag meal or snack and drink.
  • Instructor: Cecelia Thurber

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