More Black Bear sightings in Southborough: Police issue warning

Right: No, this fellow isn’t the one spotted in Southborough. It’s just a visual reminder that bird feeders really can attract bears to your yard. (image cropped from photo posted to flickr by Jassen)

Southborough residents are being warned to rid their yards of items that could attract bears. That means it’s time to bring in your birdfeeders and trash.

The warning follows multiple sightings of a Black Bear in the southeastern section of town.

Southborough Police posted a warning on Facebook this afternoon, and Chief Kenneth Paulhus reached out to ask me to share it with readers.

The post cautions:

ATTENTION! Please read:
There have been a few black bear sightings in the South East section of town (Breakneck Hill Rd, Woodland Rd, etc). As is the case when we have these types of bear sightings, please do the follow:

Secure all outside food sources (birdseed, etc); Secure your trash; Keep an eye on small children and animals while they’re outside;and report all sightings to the Southborough Police Department (508) 485-2121, or Environmental Police (1-800-632-8075).

Click on link below for more information on Black Bears in New England.

That link is to a page on the Commonwealth website, written by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife which notes “Black bears are becoming increasingly common in Massachusetts and are moving further to the east.”

Back in June, the Town issued a Code Red alert about sightings. That closely followed a local media report of another young black bear captured in Marlborough. 

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