Photo Gallery: Chestnut Hill Farm Harvest Festival

Above: A look back at the fun at Chestnut Hill Farm last Sunday. (photos contributed by The Trustees of Reservations)

The 3rd annual Harvest Festival at Chestnut Hill Farm was another rainy one. But it was actually much drier than last year’s event.

Highlights from Sunday’s fun included the pie eating and goat milking contests. (The latter featured an impressive performance by our state representative!)

The Trustees of Reservations passed on some of the great shots taken by staff member Tony Davis. Mixed in below are some moments captured by my family.

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apple cider press (photo by TTOR) hay bale maze for tots (photo by TTOR) hay rides (photo by TTOR) (photo by TTOR) face painting (photo by Beth Melo)

pumpkin painting (photo by TTOR) pumpkin carving face painting (photo by TTOR) three legged race fun (cropped from photo by TTOR) onion-on-a-spoon run (photo by TTOR)

sack races (photo by TTOR) Music by the folk duo, The Brother’s Weir (photo by TTOR) Bbq (photo by TTOR) pie eating contest (photo by Joao Melo) (photo by Joao Melo)

making fairy doors (photo by Beth Melo) (photo by Beth Melo) veggie stamping (photo by Beth Melo) (photo by Beth Melo) "Wait. What's about to happen?" (photo by Joao Melo)

Freddie Gillespie didn't retain her goat milking champion title this year (photo by Joao Melo) Carolyn Dykema gives milking her first shot (photo by Joao Melo) She turned out to be a natural, coming in 2nd place out of 5 (photo by Beth Melo) The winner of the goat milking contest (photo by TTOR) An expert teaches other kids how its done (photo by Joao Melo)

(photo by Joao Melo) beekeeping demo by Scott Navaroli (photo by TTOR) goat selfies (photo by TTOR)

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