Couple faces charges for providing alcohol to underage partiers (Updated)

Southborough homeowners who hosted a Halloween party with 40-100 “juveniles” have been charged for procuring their liquor.

According to a press release from the Southborough Police Department, police and EMS were called in for a medical situation with a minor who had been drinking.

The age of the partygoers wasn’t disclosed, but it did state that in addition to parents, “school officials” were notified.

Here is the release:

On, October 28, 2017, Southborough Officers responded to an address on Liberty Drive for a medical call involving a juvenile under the influence of alcohol. Southborough EMS was also on scene. Officers reported numerous juveniles running from the area. They were able to speak to the homeowners identified as [the accused couple]*. [The accused man] showed Officers around the property and pool area to check for any other juveniles who might be in need of medical attention. Estimates of between 40-100 juveniles attending a Halloween party were given by the homeowners. Due to the number of empty alcohol containers and red solo cup in plain view, the Department sought Criminal Applications for both subjects to appear in Westborough District Court at a later date on a charge of Procuring Liquor to a Person Under 21. All remaining juveniles on scene were picked up by parents or guardians. School Officials have been notified.

A copy of the Department’s “Response to Underage Drinking Policy” can be found on our Website. All residents are encouraged to report any incidents of underage drinking or drug use to the Department Dispatch Center for further investigation.

You can see the referred to policy here.

Updated (11/10/17 8:22 am): The link I initially provided was to an old SPD policy that was replaced in 2015. This morning Chief Kenneth Paulhus realized that I shared link from an outdated tab that he is now having removed from their site. He pointed me to the updated policy link on their homepage.

*By blog policy, the names of the accused were stripped out.

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6 years ago

While I really do strive to not be quick to judge, come on. Who is this irresponsible?

Not only have they shown a extremely poor example to their children and peers, but by trying to be lenient have toxified their own child’s life. No parent will trust those kids again.
Without any further mention of it, I assume the minor noted was fine after some time? Thank goodness the SPD showed up when they did. Great job!

Downtown Resident
6 years ago

What a horrible mess. I very much doubt that when the parents agreed to allowing their kids to host a party that they foresaw this coming. I feel for them and wish them the best while working through the legal system.

6 years ago

Hello fellow residents,

The allegations of under-aged drinking at a house party are of concern, certainly, given the obvious risks to the teens and particularly those who may jump into a car to drive away after the party. And of course we adults know well the risks of consuming too much alcohol in a short period of time, namely impairment, falling, injury or even alcohol poisoning. So the authorities should look into the circumstance given the fact that a phone call was made alerting EMS of a “medical situation” involving a minor.

Having said all that, I am deeply troubled (once again!) of sloppy reporting by the MW Daily News in which “bare bones” facts have been elaborated upon to impugn the reputation of a good family in town. Personally i dont know the [couple]*, though know of them through others in town, and they seem to be good, loving parents… just nice, caring couple. So the facts reported in the MWDN tells us two things… a medical call was made and police noticed “some number of empty alcohol containers and red solo cup in plain view” . Did the teen actually require medical care? Was his/her distresss alcohol-related… unconscious? labored breathing, injury? Who knows? Not me from reading the pithy article. And as for ‘Solo Cup’, well i just bought a whole bunch for my son’s get together last night and they are strewn about his ‘boy cave’ in the basement. I am sure some remnants of Arizona Ice Tea and lemonade are still in them, but certain there isnt alcohol. Who bought the alcohol that was in the unknown number of alcohol containers? Why leap to a conclusion it was the parents? If so, then report it. If not, then don’t discuss it.

My point is lets not denigrate good parents until some facts are disclosed, then frame the violations accordingly. I will await further FACTS before i jump onto the bus and then throw the parents under it.

*Editor’s Note: I stripped the name out.

Kelly Roney
6 years ago

Yes, red Solo cups are not evidence of alcohol use.

6 years ago

yes they hosted a party for kids and provided snacks and alcohol free soda to be served with red solo cups. Uninvited kids showed up drunk and with alcohol not this couples fault.

D. McGee
6 years ago
Reply to  Shirly

Wrong. Regardless of who brought the alcohol, still the parents’ responsibility under Mass law.

6 years ago

What???? Do you really think the kids were drinking ice tea and lemonade, c’mon. The parents knew the kids were drinking, the cops confirmed it. My kids laughed at your comment concerned resident as everyone else did that read it.

Downtown Resident
6 years ago

“…as did everyone else who read it…”
Hmmmm, a lot of assumptions in this thread.
Yes, adults are responsible by law for what happens in their home. But what about the parents of the kids who crashed the party? Do they not have some obligation to know the where abouts of their kids? Shouldn’t they be responsible for what their minor aged children are intending on doing when they hand the keys over to them for the night?
My point is, kids do stuff. Parents try their best to prevent them from doing things that are wrong. But sometimes, they still manage to get into trouble. It’s part of growing up and it’s part of parenting.
I feel it’s unfair to put complete blame on the hosting parents. The parents of the crashers should share that. That is, of course, if the parents are to blame at all. Perhaps it’s the kids who fully own the blame.

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