It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! Buy some boxes this Saturday

It’s the time of year when Kindergarteners through high schoolers are selling Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, and other popular cookies.

Girl Scouts are are knocking on doors around town. 

They’re also manning (or girling) booths. And, rain or shine, you can buy boxes from troops at two spots in town tomorrow, Saturday, January 13th:

  • 9 am – noon in front of Dunkin Donuts (Town Center Plaza, Cordaville Road)
  • 9 am – 1 pm at the Transfer Station

Girl Scout Cookie flyerThe troop that will be selling at the Transfer Station asked me to share the flyer right. In it they pitch:

Need snacks for the Patriots playoff game?

How about some Girl Scout cookies?

We’ve got all of the delicious flavors – the classic Thin Mints, yummy Caramel deLites, the latest newcomer S’mores, and all of the other scrumptious kinds. . .

$5 per box (you can buy boxes to donate if you don’t want to eat them yourself)

The same is all true at the other booth.

And you should be aware that the cookies sold outside of DD tomorrow will taste better. 

(OK, that part’s probably not true. As you may have guessed, I have a special connection to that troop that makes me biased. In fact, I’m “related” to both troops, but one more closely than the other.)

If you don’t make it there this Saturday, you can still support Girl Scouts in town.

Answer your doorbells when they ring. Or stop by other troops’ booths likely to pop up at the same spots on future Saturdays before the season is done.

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