Live Owls at the Library – February 21

Above: Wingmasters will be bringing a variety of live owls to the Library next week. I don’t know who will make an appearance but program runners’ website list Barred Owls, Barn Owls and Short Eared Owls among New England Birds of Prey (images posted to flickr, scroll down for credits)

Wingmasters will be at the Library with “World of Owls” over February break.

On Wednesday, Februrary 21 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm, Wingmasters will be at the Southborough Library.

The program will give children a change to see owl and learn more about the nocturnal birds of prey. The program is geared for children ages 5 and up but open to all. Registration is not required.

Wingmasters is run by two licensed raptor rehabilitators. Their website describes a program that dispels misconceptions:

Owls are not evil spirits, wise little philosophers or Walt Disney creations. Nor do they wing about carrying messages, despite the way they’re depicted in the Harry Potter books. In fact, owls are probably more misunderstood than any other kind of bird.

These are hunting birds, yet their sharp beaks and talons are partly hidden under feathers. Owl have more and softer feathers than other birds, and this unique plumage gives them a plump, rounded look. Add an upright posture and huge eyes set in front like ours, and you have what looks irresistibly like a small, bemused person wearing a fur coat. In reality, owls are superbly adapted nocturnal hunters.

This program shows how owls use their specialized powers of sight, hearing and flight to survive and thrive. A wealth of fact and folklore about these masters of the dark explains the natural and unnatural history of owls. A variety of live owls provides the focus of the presentation.

(images from posts to flickr by – left to right – Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarrenAvia Venefica, and Nigel)

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4 years ago

going to this! can’t wait.

Former Resident
4 years ago

I am a former resident and now live in the next town. I am caring for my grandson during vacation week and would love to take him to this. Is it open to anyone?

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