BOS on Thursday: Golf Course name change, Washington Street/Coslin Way, and updated Budget

Above: When golfers tee off in Southborough later this spring, it may not be from “St. Mark’s Golf Club”. (image from club website)

Yesterday, the board posted an agenda for a meeting tomorrow night – Thursday, February 22nd. On the agenda are a hearing on accepting Washington St and Coslin Way, and updates on the FY19 Budget and Town Warrant. 

Also on the agenda is the name change for the St. Mark’s Golf Course. Previously, I indicated that the Board of Selectmen were likely to vote on that on February 27th.* But it looks like that may be sooner.

While a vote isn’t specified, Selectwoman Bonnie Phaneuf told the public at their last meeting that they would vote at the end of the month. I’d say this meeting is close enough to qualify.

As I posted last time, the Golf Course Committee is recommending returning to course roots through the “Southborough Golf Club”. The materials packet for the meeting includes feedback from the course management’s president. He was fine with the choice.

The packet also included a list of other name suggestions that have been submitted:

  • Southborough Golf Course
  • Southborough Municipal Golf Course
  • Howard E. Trusedale Memorial Golf Course
  • Gardner Meadows of Southborough
  • Gardner Golf Club of Southborough (GGC)
  • Southborough Public Golf Course
  • The Links at Southborough
  • Southborough Hills Golf Course
  • The Greens at Southborough
  • Sandra’s Golfers
  • Southboro Golfers
  • Sammy’s Golf Course

If you’re confused by the “Gardner” references, they are referring to the course founder, George Peabody Gardner. You can read more about the golf course history in my previous post.

As for the other references to names – Trusedale, Sandra, and Sammy – I can’t help you out. No details were included with listed suggestions – which may or may not have been submitted with explanations.

*The previous meeting’s agenda listed the February 27th as the next meeting date. The February 22nd agenda now lists March 6th as the next meeting date.

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6 years ago

love “The Links at Southborough”… classy

6 years ago

“Sweatpants golf course”

6 years ago

I like the Links too. Who is Sandra and Sammy?

6 years ago

Truesdale referrs to long time Southborough Tree Warden Howie Truesdale.

6 years ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

Sorry, must be dyslexia on my part!! The town has it spelled correctly

Donna McDaniel
6 years ago

YES for Howard Truesdale….a one-person Tree Dept for many years…I’ll check the count next time I get my hands on some old Town Reports. He was an example of someone engaged in work he was devoted to… may we all be so blessed to see the results of our labor.

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