Police called in to investigate social media incident with Trottier student – no threat found

Trottier Middle School and Southborough Police have both issued statements about a report of a social media post that raised concerns.

Knowing that other parents would have questions, I called Chief Kenneth Paulhus. But understandably, since at least one juvenile is involved, the details are under wraps. 

Chief Paulhus emphasized that in the end there was no threat. And he reiterated that he was glad that when people saw something they said something

Both of those sentiments were also expressed by Trottier’s Principal Kieth Lavoie. And both officials asked parents to speak with their children about social media.

It’s the second incident this week (that we know about) that required police to investigate social media posts. Earlier this morning, I shared a post by the Northborough Patch that shared false alarms through social media about a threat made against Algonquin students. In that story, it was Northborough’s Police Chief who responded to the media.

The Patch opened the Algonquin story with statements that now seem relevant to the Trottier incident as well:

Suspicions, nerves and attentiveness is at an all-time high following our country’s latest school shooting tragedy.

In Massachusetts alone, authorities have chased down a number of alerts and perceived threats at schools since the Florida incident.

Below are the statements that were issued this afternoon:

Dear Trottier Parents,

This morning, I was made aware of a concerning social media post.

Immediately, the parent of the student that made the post was contacted and Southborough Police opened an investigation. The investigation at this point has determined there is no safety concern for the students at Trottier Middle School.

I commend the parents that notified me of the post and how it has been handled by all involved. The Superintendent’s Office and Southborough Police Department are supporting our efforts in every way.

At this time, no further steps are needed. However, we do encourage you to have a conversation with your child about social media. Superintendent Johnson will be sending out a communication to the Northborough-Southborough community. It will summarize all the work that is being done to keep our students safe.

Please be assured that there is no threat to Trottier and the situation has been contained.


Mr. Lavoie


On, February 28, 2018, at approximately 8:57 a.m., the Southborough Police Department was contacted by the Administration at Trottier Middle School of a concerning Social Media post made by a student. An Officer and Detective were immediately assigned to work with school officials including the Principal, and Superintendent of Schools, to investigate the report.

At this time, it has been determined that no threat to the safety and wellness of the students or staff was ever in question. The Southborough Police Department would like to thank the School Department for working with us to bring the incident to a successful conclusion. We would also thank those who brought the information to the attention of School Officials for further investigation, and reiterate the school’s message to have parents speak to their children about the use of Social Media.

The Department remains committed to fully investigating all reports and information concerning the safety of our students, and the residents of Southborough.

Kenneth M. Paulhus
Chief of Police

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Louise Barron
6 years ago

With regard to school safety. What measures, are being discussed in our towns. We all need to know how seriously the superintendent, school committees, and boards are treating this topic. We as residents of Northboro, Southboro, would like to be included in a discussion of measures that may be implemented in our regional schools. Then a letter needs to be sent out to all residents with the measures that will be taken. This of course needs to be acted upon now.

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