Half day fun for Woodward and Neary – April 5

Above: Next week’s half day fundraisers offer parents a reprieve and kids a matinee at Neary or dodgeball in the Woodward gym (image right from last year’s field day on Facebook)

Next week, K-5th graders will be dismissed early for Parent-Teacher conferences. Finn students will be coming home on the early bus. But for Woodward and Neary students, fundraisers offer an alternative option.

The 2nd-5th graders can stay for a pizza lunch (or bring their own) and enjoy a Dodgeball at Woodward or a matinee at Neary. Woodward students can be picked up at 2:30 pm. At Neary, students can either be picked up at 2:00 pm or take their regular 2:25 bus home.

In order to do either, students need to pre-register by Monday for the associated fundraisers. Below are the details.

Woodward – Half Day Dodgeball Games

Ms. Goode and Ms. Duggan will run the after school lunch and play session featuring Dodgeball.

The Woodward SOS fundraiser is to benefit the Woodward Recess/PE equipment fund.

The cost is $20, plus an extra $5 if you want to order the pizza lunch (2 slices of pizza, fruit and a drink).

Registration is limited to the first 100 students and forms with donation are due by Monday, April 2nd (checks can be made out to Woodward SOS).

Parents must pick kids up at 2:30 pm.

Neary – SEF Half Day Movie

This is a Southborough Education Foundation fundraiser to support grants for innovative educational programs in the Southborough Public Schools.

Instead of leaving school at early dismissal, Neary students are invited to stay for movie and lunch. Kids can then take their regular buses home at normal dismissal time*

The movie is Pixar’s COCO. (Students may bring a small stuffed animal or pillow to get comfy.)

The cost is $20 and includes the pizza lunch (2 slices of Papa Gino’s cheese pizza, clementine and water), though kids can also bring their own lunch. 

Please return permission slips with donation to Neary Front Office by Monday, April 2nd (checks can be made out to Southborough Education Foundation).

* Kids who take the bus will be walked up to Trottier by SEF volunteers. If they aren’t taking the bus, they must be picked up from Neary at 2:00 pm or head to their Extended Day program.

Updated (3/29/18 9:42 am): A typo referred to 2nd-4th graders. The Neary program welcomes 5th graders, too.

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