Trottier Theater presents Hercules – Friday & Saturday (Updated)

Above: A lot more than four Trottier students will ham it up on stage this weekend in the mythological comedy Hercules. (photo cropped from Trottier RamPages)

Trottier Middle School is putting on their spring play tonight, Friday, May 4 at 7:00 pm and tomorrow, Saturday, May 5 at 3:00 pm.*

The Southborough 6th-8th graders will be performing Hercules. Unlike the school’s winter production, this appears to be a straight up comedy written for school or children’s theater productions. (So don’t expect a version of the Disney musical.)

A script-selling website describes the plot:

Modern language and loads of humor make this version of the Greek tale one that today’s audience is sure to enjoy. Hercules’ girlfriend, Megara, has been poisoned by a jealous Hera and now he must complete eight tasks for Hera or lose Megara’s love forever. The problem is, Hercules is a bit of a wimp and it doesn’t look as if he will be performing any great feats of strength much less act particularly clever.

The seller boasts that the play features many roles for actors. That’s backed up by the school’s student news site the Trottier RamPages:

 This play offers so many characters and provides more opportunities for students to develop their acting.

Hercules was chosen by the students who performed in Legally Blonde Jr The Musical in the winter. The students were given four plays to review before casting their votes. They were very different from each other. Mrs. Morris thought that Hercules was a great choice because “This play has two big male roles. We have never had a show with two male leads.”

Come watch Thomas Davis flex his muscles as Hercules and Brady Leonard throw lightning bolts at Delaney Cosentino as Hera. The special thing about Hercules is that everybody has lines.

You can read more here.

Updated (5/4/18 9:37 am): I forgot to note the ticket price! It’s $5 per person.

*Sorry for the short notice. I just learned about the musical yesterday.

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