Butterfly & Hummingbird Gardens w/Ellen Sousa – May 15

Next Tuesday is another event encouraging residents to support pollinators.* Southborough Open Space Commission is bringing expert Ellen Sousa back to the library. The focus of her presentation will be “Butterfly & Hummingbird Gardens”. 

The event is part of a “Native Pollinator • Native Plant Initiative”. The Tuesday, May 15th talk will take place at the Southborough Library, on the main level, at 7:00 pm:

This presentation will be interactive: bring questions about your own individual garden needs and get advice from an expert.

Ellen Sousa is a native plant garden designer who has been working with Southborough’s Stewardship Committee on the installation of three Pollinator Gardens at Breakneck Hill. . .

Ellen Sousa is a garden coach and designer who helps landowners design and manage landscapes that support local biodiversity and organic food production. She is the author of the book “The Green Garden: A New England Guide to Planning, Planting & Maintaining the Eco-friendly Habitat Garden” and runs a small native plant nursery from her home at Turkey Hill Brook Farm in Spencer, MA.

*(If you’re interested in that event, you may also want to head to SOLF’s annual meeting tonight. It’s open to the public and features a presentation on “New England Pollinators and How to Support Them”. If you missed that post, click here for details.)

(image above right from flickr by Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren, right contributed for 2016 event with Sousa)

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