Special Town Meeting: How the votes played out

by Beth Melo on May 22, 2018

Here’s my quick recap of Southborough’s Special Town Meeting tonight.

The Zoning Board of Appeals will continue to be able to write most of its own rules. But it won’t be able to decide its own quorum. It also won’t be hearing appeals to Planning Board Site Plan Review actions.

The Kallander Field repairs project won’t be funded.

But voters who have kids in youth sports will find it easier to attend future Town Meetings – at least the annual ones. Starting next spring Annual Town Meeting will open 1:00 pm on a Saturday afternoon.

So, to clarify:

  • Article 1 passed (Citizen ‘s Petition: Amend Town Code and/or Zoning Bylaw – ZBA Quorum)
  • Article 2 failed (Citizen ‘s Petition:Require future changes to ZBA rules be subject to Town Meeting approval)
  • Article 3 passed (Amend Article III of Zoning Code – Appeal Process)
  • Article 4 failed (Citizen’s Petition: Recreation Facilities – Repair to Kallander Field)
  • Article 5 passed (Citizen ‘s Petition: Move ATM to Saturdays)

For more detailed coverage of the debates leading up to the votes – check back tomorrow.

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