Where to pick your own summer fruit

Above: It’s cherry, blueberry and raspberry picking season in our area this week. (photos L-R from: Tougas Farms Facebook, flickr by Carrie Stephens, and Nourse Farms Facebook)

I put off my PYO fruit post this summer, because it’s been so hot. But, I already missed strawberry season and don’t want to miss blueberries too. (There’s no blueberries like fresh picked blueberries!)

My family has traditionally enjoyed fruit picking at Tougas Family Farm in Northborough. If you just care about the fruit, they generally have it in abundance, plus baked goods for sale. If you’re in it for entertainment, they have a great playground and lots of goats to entertain the kids. Plus the wagon rides to the orchards and fields are a hit.

They always offer loads of picking options over the summer, and this year’s no exception. Right now, blueberries and cherries are in abundance. You can look for peaches and raspberries later this summer, followed by apples and pumpkins as we head into fall.

As with most orchards, you need to check daily on their picking conditions. Tougas’ website is updated daily with those details.

Two other area farms require call-aheads to check on picking status:

  • Nourse Farm in Westborough (508-366-2644). As of yesterday, they had red raspberries, blueberries and red currants ready to pick. They expect blackberries in August and pumpkins in the fall.
  • Hanson’s Farm in Framingham (508-877-3058) It offers some PYO blueberries and blackberries in the summer, then pumpkins in the fall.

Later this summer, you can also try Belkin Farm in Framingham for peaches, followed by apples, plums, nectarines, and fall pumpkins. You can check their picking status online.

Do you have a favorite place to pick your own? Share why you love it in the comments.

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Downtown Resident
5 years ago

It’s too bad you missed the strawberries. It was a great season!

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