Town: “Water Insurance” letters make false claims

Some residents have received letters pitching the need for special insurance. Public Works Superintendent Karen Galligan asked me to alert residents that the letter makes an inaccurate claim.

The letter warns:

Important Information Regarding Your Water Service Line. . .

This letter is to inform you that any necessary repairs to the water line between your home and the public utility connection are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Galligan tells me that is not true in Southborough. 

The Town of Southborough DPW repairs broken residential water services to the meter in your home. There is no need to purchase this insurance.

The sales letter goes on to tell the addressees that their property:

is not covered with Exterior Water Service Line Coverage from Service Warranties of America (SLWA).

As you can probably guess, the letter offers a plan to rectify that – at a cost. Galligan is concerned that some residents may sign up based on false information.

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