Don’t forget to vote! Here’s the primary info again (and a Southborough candidate message)

Above: Most of Southborough voters are able to vote in today’s primary – and the majority of them get to choose which. (Image posted to flickr by DonkeyHote)

Today is primary day. Here are my reminders of the details, plus a message from a resident-candidate.

Voting takes place at Trottier Middle School for all three districts and is open until 8:00 pm.

For the 60% of Southborough voters that are “Unenrolled” you can vote in any party’s primary. But those of you registered with a party will need to stick to that. For Libertarian voters, that means that you are mostly stuck with write in slots.* No other third parties, including “Independent”, have ballots for this primary.

The only overlap in the two main parties’ contested primary races is the Governor’s seat.

If you vote on the Democratic ballot, you’ll get to decide who vies for four seats in federal and state government. Those primary voters also determine who our district’s Councillor is. (The seat is only challenged in the primary.) That ballot also includes a former resident running for Lt. Governor, Quentin Palfrey.

The Republican ballot will gives voters choices in five races, all of which will also be contested in the general. That ballot contains a current resident, Louis Kuchnir, running for US Congress. Over the weekend, the candidate wrote me with his own information. Unfortunately, it’s too late to run it as a letter to the editor given that it’s voting day. Instead, I’ll share part of his message below and link to the full text:

Louis Kuchnir, MD, PhD
Candidate for U.S. Congress (MA-5)

I thank My Southborough for emphasizing the election on Tuesday, September 4th. Please, Everyone Vote!

While I am a Republican, I believe voters in the fifth district will find my positions to be moderate. Ten positions are succinctly stated on my campaign literature and easily viewed on my campaign’s website, KuchnirForCongress. Twenty-five positions not listed elsewhere are appended here.

As I continue to engage my fellow Americans, my understanding expands, my views moderate, and my positions thoughtfully evolve. This process is an ongoing privilege. Thank you, indeed.

Click here to read what “Dr. Kuchnir believes:”

Below again are the contested races for each party’s Southborough primary ballot. I included links to the sample ballots. (I also included extra links and details on the candidates with town ties): 

Democratic Party: 

(sample ballot)


  • Jay M. Gonzalez, Needham
  • Bob Massie, Somerville

Lieutenant Governor

  • Quentin Palfrey, Weston
  • Jimmy Tingle, Cambridge

Before his visit to town in February, Southborough Democrats shared that Palfrey is a native of our town. (You can read about that here.)

Secretary of State

  • William Francis Galvin, Boston – incumbent
  • Josh Zakim, Boston

Councillor, Third District

  • Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney, Watertown – incumbent
  • Nick Carter, Newton

Once again, no one else running for this office in the general. That means that Dem primary voters decide who holds the seat. You can read more background on the job’s responsibilities (and Devaney’s past controversies) through my 2016 post. But this year’s challenger has changed. So, it’s worth reading recent media coverage of the candidates’ debate.

Republican Party:

(sample ballot)


  • Charles D. Baker, Swampscott – incumbent
  • Scott D. Lively, Springfield

U.S. Senator

  • Geoff Diehl, Whitman
  • John Kingston, Winchester
  • Beth Joyce Lindstrom, Groton

Attorney General

  • James R. McMahon, III, Bourne
  • Daniel L. Shores, Hingham

U.S. Rep in Congress, Fifth District

  • John Hugo, Woburn
  • Louis Kuchnir, Southborough

Again, you can read what the Southborough candidate emailed me over the weekend here, his father’s letter of support here, and the Globe’s Q&A with him here. You can also see a video of his “Republican Revolution” event speech here.

Register of Deeds, Worcester District

  • Kate D. Campanale, Worcester
  • Kevin J. Kuros, Uxbridge

Also on the ballots:

There are a slew of other candidates on primary ballots who are running unopposed. They include well known incumbents U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D), Lt. Governor Karyn Polito (R), Attorney General Maura Healey (D), U.S. Representative Katherine Clark (D), State Senator James Eldridge (D), and State Representative Carolyn Dykema (D).

*For Libertarian voters, the only non-write-in checkbox on the Southborough ballot is for State Auditor candidate Daniel Fishman of Beverly. 

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Mike FUce
5 years ago

I always ask this question of candidates who place their sign in illegal spots per the state election laws or their staff place them, how can you be trusted in government when you break the laws even while you are running. Kirchner’s signs are all over the place and place not on spots they have permission.

Kelly Roney
5 years ago
Reply to  Mike FUce

I completely agree!

So far, other than one Kuros sign on MWRA property on Deerfoot Rd. this morning, I’ve only seen Kuchnir signs on public land (many on Cordaville Rd.).

I could help with signs placed wrongly by Democrats, but Republicans will have to look after their own.

Frank Crowell
5 years ago

Thanks for running Dr. Kuchnir and I hope you try again.

One suggestion would be running for State Rep. I know you support the incumbent, but holding to basic principles is needed in the State House. First principle for me is not electing House leadership who are unindicted co-conspriators.

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